1 Night Stay Rafting 16 Kms, Jungle Trek, Jungle camp, Volleyball, Music for Bonfire Time, Fixed Toilet with Running Water & all meals. Rs.1700/-
2 Night Stay Beach Camp, Rafting 24 Kms, Jungle Trek, Waterfall, Body Surfing, Cliff Jump, Beach Volleyball, Bonfire & all meals. Rs.3450/-
1 Night Stay Beach Camp, Rafting 24 Kms, Jungle Trek, Waterfall, Body Surfing, Rock Climbing,Bonfire & all meals. Rs. 2250/-

Cliff Jumping Activities

If you love different sports of playing activities, you can enjoy cliff jumping in Rishikesh. Cliff jumping is not a perfect activity for everyone because you have to jump into the white water from a high peak that needs enough courage. If you fear from water or donít know how to swim, cliff jumping wonít be a cup of tea for you!

Cliff jumping brings you great enjoyment and experience. It is the wonderful way to know about your physical and mental abilities when you decide to enjoy cliff jumping in Rishikesh. Well, if you have never heard about it, itís the great odds to experience with the superb cliff jumping activity. Rishikesh is known in all over the world to arrange such cliff jumping occasions from time to time. Cliff jumping also lets you enjoy swimming, if you know how to swim.

Therefore, steel yourself to generate some extra adrenaline through the cliff jumping activities. Get ready for gaining great pleasure by jumping off! Cliff jumping activities are organized from many more local sports arrangers and you can gain essential details from them. It is recommended for people who are going to take part in cliff jumping activities that they must undergo their physical test. If you see your heart beating highly, you must not participate in cliff jumping activities in Rishikesh as it may be risky for your life.

Basically, the cliff jumping occupies jumping from a 30-40ft lofty cliff and the sport lets you check your physical, as well as mental capability. Some people are crazy for cliff jumping and enjoy it utmost! Well, itís also an adventure activity! How do you feel when you jump in icy water during hot weather? Well, it would be the unforgettable moment that you canít forget soon! Just feel great taking part in cliff jumping activities in Rishikesh in freezing water that would offer you great fun!

Clip jumping in Rishikesh is very easy activities. When you enjoy White Water River rafting in Shivpuri, a place already made for clip jump. You enjoy clip jump in this sport and after that continue the river rafting to Rishikesh.

Paintball Adventure Activities
Rishikesh Tours offer 1st time in Rishikesh very popular adventure sport Paintball Adventure.

Beach Volleyball
To spend your evening and your leisure time, you can choose to play the game of beach volley bal

Rappelling Activities
After Rishikesh arrival we have many adventures activity options, one of them is rappellingactivity.

Rock Climbing Activities
Rock Climbing / Mountaineering are a breathtaking sport that lets you face challenges at every step

Cliff Jumping Activities
Rishikesh is very famous for cliff jumping. Some people are crazy about the cliff jumping

Bungee Jumping
We offer first fixed platform Bungee Rishikesh India. A Cantilever platform built over a rocky cliff over
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