1 Night Stay Rafting 16 Kms, Jungle Trek, Jungle camp, Volleyball, Music for Bonfire Time, Fixed Toilet with Running Water & all meals. Rs.1700/-
2 Night Stay Beach Camp, Rafting 24 Kms, Jungle Trek, Waterfall, Body Surfing, Cliff Jump, Beach Volleyball, Bonfire & all meals. Rs.3450/-
1 Night Stay Beach Camp, Rafting 24 Kms, Jungle Trek, Waterfall, Body Surfing, Rock Climbing,Bonfire & all meals. Rs. 2250/-

Rock Climbing Activities

If you are seeking some adventure in Rishikesh, then there could be nothing better than the rope activities. One such popular activity is rock climbing. Rishikesh is surrounded by the great Himalayan range and being at the foothills of a mountain range and being surrounded by steep rock surfaces and cliff, it is ideal for anyone looking for some challenge while rock climbing.

The activity site such as the cliffs and rock faces are not far from the camp. The rock climbing instructors at the camp are well trained professional going for mountaineering expeditions for years and will teach you everything you need to know about the equipment as well techniques of climbing a rock. Your instructor will aptly demonstrate how to climb the rock and will also educate you about the challenges you will face along the way. You can easily test our stamina here as you will properly gear with safety harness, harness and other essentials as well.

Rock climbing is a perfect way to put your physical as well as mental strengths at test. Besides it can also boost your confidence in yourself to a great extent. In order to complete the task successfully all you need is stamina and faith in yourself and once you are done you will be filled with the pleasure of achieving your goal. Hence donít forget to mark rock climbing as a must in your to do list in your nest trip to Rishikesh.

Rock Climbing Tips
Rock Climbing is not appropriate for everyone as it needs tolerance and support or encouragement. When you start rock climbing you select the ideal target on the behalf of your stamina and strength. Thousands of travelers come every year to enjoy this adventures thrill. You should take the session before rock climbing in which you will learn the technique of this adventures sport. In rock climbing you have to strong mentally and physically.

We have a large number of group who specialise in adventures sport like rock climbing; they guide and teach you to make this adventures fun.

Adventurous Activities
At Rishikesh one can enjoy various adventurous activities like river crossing, rappelling, rock climbing, valley crossing, cliff jumping, kayaking, biking, trekking many more.

Paintball Adventure Activities
Rishikesh Tours offer 1st time in Rishikesh very popular adventure sport Paintball Adventure.

Beach Volleyball
To spend your evening and your leisure time, you can choose to play the game of beach volley bal

Rappelling Activities
After Rishikesh arrival we have many adventures activity options, one of them is rappellingactivity.

Rock Climbing Activities
Rock Climbing / Mountaineering are a breathtaking sport that lets you face challenges at every step

Cliff Jumping Activities
Rishikesh is very famous for cliff jumping. Some people are crazy about the cliff jumping

Bungee Jumping
We offer first fixed platform Bungee Rishikesh India. A Cantilever platform built over a rocky cliff over
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